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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cetaceans on the War-Path!

This week we discover that Orca: The Killer Whale is, in fact, the Greatest Movie EVER.

I apologize for the sound quality on this episode. Apparently, there was a problem with Katherine's microphone (no doubt caused by the jealousy waves she emitted after not getting to sit in the "comfy chair") which I didn't catch until post-production. So if it sounds like Katherine is shouting down a well, just try and pretend that she's trying to communicate with Angel and George down in the Appatosaurus Preserve at the Center of the Earth.

Aw, isn't that cute?

The hero of this picture: Orca, the Killer Whale.

Oh, sure, he looks cute now.
But cross him and he'll eat you and everyone you ever loved...

See what I mean?

15 minutes, 11 Seconds In:

The lonely death of Umilak.

The ice crushes both ways. (SQUISH!)

16 Minutes, 45 Seconds In:

As you can see, our resident Beautiful Marine Biologist Lady is totally into Richard Harris...

...but then again, what lady could resist THIS?


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Mozesh said...

Hey Goober, unfortunatly I haven't been able to listen to this one yet. Due to the fact that is made with stereo sound and at my work it is noisy and I need one ear to hear stuff around me and thus I will miss half of what is being said. I will listen to this one some day!


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