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Friday, December 29, 2006

Test Your Might.

Mortal Kombat is the Greatest Movie EVER. Go out and buy a copy. Heck, buy two: one for you, and one for your Sweet Baboo.

5 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

Yeah, he looks like a Chinese god to me...

7 Minutes, 15 Seconds In:

Am I hot?

Or not?

14 Minutes, 47 Seconds In:

Tom Dickens, Ravager of Souls!

19 Minutes, 9 Seconds:

I can think of worse ways to die...

Why Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa deserves an Academy Award:

Something involving dinosaurs and time travel, something involving Flying Guillotines, or something involving Uwe Boll. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Flippin' Christmas!

Although Mortal Kombat is still Coming Soon, in the mean time (pun-intended) Santa's Slay is the Greatest Movie EVER!

I'm sure everyone can see now how I could get these two movies confused...

1 Minutes, 51 Seconds In:

Goldberg is one Bad Santa.

2 Minutes, 55 Seconds In:

In addition to the Hell Deer, Santa's sleigh also has rocket-boosters.

10 Minutes, 10 Seconds In:

Seriously, don't you see the resemblance?

And with that, we here at the Greatest Movie EVER Podcast wish you Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad. Until next time, adios amigos!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Anaconda is the Greatest Movie EVER (involving a Giant Snake).

0 Minutes, 36 Seconds In ~ 5 Minutes, 23 Seconds In:

It's mail-call, yo.

8 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

J-Lo. She's TPBSM. (Too Pretty to Be a Scientist.)

9 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:

Jon Voight, the Star of this Picture?

11 Minutes, 25 Seconds In:

"I am sooooooooo relaxed."

13 Minutes, 28 Seconds In:

The REAL Star of this Picture.

15 Minutes, 52 Seconds In:

Ice Cube is the Baddest Man on the Planet.


`Nuff said.

Monday, December 11, 2006

No Love for Nemmy?

We're (un)dead serious when we say that Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the Worst Movie EVER. I guess our chief criticism is the movie tries to be like the game, and it fails. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if the game wasn't so silly in the first place...

6 Minutes, 31 Seconds In:

In think Isaac Newton himself said it was physically impossible to bungee-jump out of a helicopter while dual-wielding Berettas...

7 Minutes, 10 Seconds In:

Milla loves her machine-pistols.

8 Minutes, 42 Seconds In:

The lonely death of Nikolai.

21 Minutes, 5 Seconds In:

Nemmy need hug?


A huge snake...but NOT also poisonous.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Greg Saves Ancient China

The Lost Empire aka "The Monkey King" is the Greatest Mini-Series EVER. Don't believe us? Does any other mini-series have...

...Bai Ling as a goddess in disguise?

...Terra cotta warriors?

...Pig-men and humorless monks?

14 Minutes, 17 Seconds In:

Saving Throw vs. Eighties Pop Culture...failed.

15 Minutes, 0 Seconds In:


16 Minutes, 14 Seconds In:

In case you can't tell from the picture, that's Greg with a fly's body. Or perhaps a fly with Greg's head.


Wait a minute...

It's a trap!!!


"Skinnamarinky dinky dink, Skinnamarinky doo, Nemmy luv you!"